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Benefits for clubs
The sports clubs that implement the Expert Sport Club solution can efficiently manage their entire activity and internal communication, thus managing to save time and resources, which they can then allocate to development and strategy!
Benefits for athletes and parents
Parents and athletes are in direct contact with the club and all activities in which they are involved, in a professional and efficient manner. They find out all the details directly from their account, which works as an online catalog and personal organizer.

Transform the management of your club!

Platform structured
on multiple levels

The application allows the management of information on a multi-level structure.

Economic and
financial statistics

The club management can access economic-financial statistics generated automatically in the application.


The app provides real-time access to invoices and income situation. It also notifies the parents about the monthly fee.

and training sessions

Generating a training and competition program, with attendance notifications and feedback.


Parents and athletes receive notifications on their mobile device regarding training or match schedules, changes to the training program or location.


Parents are informed about the athlete’s performance during training and have access to hers or his ratings.


Parents receive a notification of the athlete’s presence after each training session or match.


The system of notifications and confirmations generates an interactive activity of the sports structure with parents and children, ensuring optimal communication.

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Enrich professionalism, image and trust

Expert Sport Club eases the management of a sports club!

With the right configuration at the start, things will be much simpler along the way. The time allocated to the administrative work of managers and coaches will be much reduced.

The image of your club will be one of professionalism and trust!

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