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Frequently asked questions

Visit and create an account for your club. In short time, you will receive club’s president account activation link, so you can start using the cloud platform ESC.

The ESC platform is useful for any sport in which there are training groups, whether we are talking about team or individual sports.

The ESC platform runs on cloud technology, so online. Therefore, any device with an internet connection is enough. To receive notifications, athletes, coaches and parents will install an application on their mobile devices.

No. The ESC platform is very intuitive, if you know how to surf the internet and order something from an online store, you will definitely manage. Also, video tutorials are available for the main operations and we are at your disposal for any questions you may have.

The ESC platform runs on the cloud, so online. As long as you know the administrator username and password, you can access it from any computer connected to the internet.

As long as the monthly fee paid to each user registered in your account. See cost details on the Cost Calculator page.

In short, it costs you € 0.5 / month for each user registered in your account if you have less than 350 users, whether we are talking about managers, coaches, athletes or parents. For larger accounts, the costs will drop! See cost details on the Cost Calculator page.

Currently, Expert Sport Club is available in Romanian. As soon as possible, it will be made available to users in Hungarian, and we will develop English, German and French versions as well.

It’s a dynamic tool that allows the staff of each club to follow and manage QUALITATIVELY the evolution of each athlete and to record observations about them, be they technical, physical or general. The “Test Results” and “Match Statistics” submenus do the same thing, but from a QUANTITATIVE point of view.

At the same time, the Athlete’s File is a dynamic tool through which the athlete and his parents have access to a detailed feedback from the club staff regarding the sports evolution, tips and other types of observations. It is, in practice, a more detailed and specific assessment, in addition to that of the training and competitions carried out by grades.

The Expert Sport Club team is always available, you can contact us on any of the options available in the Contact section.


You can contact an Expert Sport Club consultant.