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What does ESC do for your club?

Expert Sport Club proposes a modern way of communication management between the club and athletes or parents, using both a web-based and mobile app.

The app is designed for modern clubs, who aim for development and transparency, as well as for athletes or parents who want to be informed about their work progress within the club.

Benefits for the sports clubs

Multi-level management system
  • The app allows the management of information in the form of a multi-level structured system:
    The club president has access to all data, including changes in the organization chart or economic and financial data
    The head coach (the sports manager) manages the data from all the teams and athletes in his section, the competition calendar, the training locations, events (trainings, training camps, competitions)
    Coaches are responsible for managing data from their own team or the athletes they train (attendance, evaluations, events, training, training camps, competitions)
    Athletes and parents have access to the calendar of events and evaluations and receive notifications
Online payments
  • Online payments are made extremely easily by athletes and parents, reducing staff interaction with cash, receipts, tax receipts, cash registers and legislative issues generated by cash payments.
  • Once the online payment is made, it is automatically updated on the platform, in the lists of receipts and statistics section, and the payers are automatically notified in their accounts, as well as by email. The entire stream is digitized and automatically. It’s never been easier!
Competition and training calendar
  • The app allows the creation of the entire training program for each team, a program that will then be used by the system, automatically and in real time, to generate attendance notifications and feedback to athletes and parents. You can define sports or social events, matches or training camps, with the selection of each participating teams or athletes!
Economic and financial data and statistics
  • The club management can access economic and financial statistics automatically generated in the application, such as:
    Total or broken down expenses with rental of training locations
    The financial performance of each team / group or of each sports branch
    Number of athletes enrolled in each sport / team
    The number of athletes trained by each coach
Income management
  • The app provides real-time access to the fee collection situation, and also sends notifications regarding the monthly fee, such as:
    Changing the amount of the fee
    Payment due date reminder
    Link for online payment
Athlete's file
  • It’s a dynamic tool that allows the staff of the club to follow the evolution of each athlete from a QUALITATIVE point of view and to record technical, physical or general observations about them. The “Test Results” and “Match Statistics” submenus do the same thing, but from a QUANTITATIVE point of view.

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