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What does ESC do for athletes and parents?

Expert Sport Club proposes a modern way of communication management between the club and athletes or parents, using both a web-based and mobile app.

The app is designed for modern clubs, whoaim for development and transparency, as well as for athletes or parents who want to be informed about their work progress within the club.

Benefits for athletes and parents

Notifications about the training program
  • Athletes and parents are always up to date with the training program and the competition calendar. Immediately after uploading this information on the platform the parents and athletes receive notifications on their mobile devices regarding training schedules or matches, changes to the training program or location, etc.
Athlete’s register
  • The way in which the athlete was evaluated by the coach is instantly visible on the platform. Athletes and parents can access this information in their account. The ratings are tracked, counted and accumulated to provide a constantly updated situation, in real time.
  • Each athlete will have an observation sheet, in which coaches can make additional observations compared to the standard assessments.
Attendance at trainings or competitions
  • The attendance of the athletes is checked by the coach and tracked within the platform. The platform counts the attendance and it offers the possibility to generate a general situation of the athlete’s activity attendance, either monthly, as a percentage or as a graphical representation.
Performance analysis
  • It is a dynamic tool that allows the staff of each club to follow and manage QUALITATIVELY and QUANTITATIVELY the evolution of each athlete and record observations about them, be they technical, physical or general.
  • Specific training plans can be defined which can later be assigned to training cycles or micro-cycles. In this way, the whole activity of the academy/club is uniformed and standardized.
  • Tests can be defined for athletes, the results of which can be centralized and monitored over time to track the progress of each athlete.
Club - athletes - parents interaction
  • The notification and confirmation system of the Expert Sport Club platform generates an interactive activity of the sports organization with parents and athletes, ensuring optimal communication.
Online payments
  • Online payments to the club are the most modern, fast and secure payment tool. The transaction is done with one click!
  • Once the online payment is made, it will be found automatically and immediately in the user account, in the Athlete’s Financial History, and the payment confirmation will be received by email.

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