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The easiest way to get used to the ESC platform is to attend an online meeting with one of our consultants.

The meeting will be only 30 minutes long, during which you will go through all the necessary steps to better understand how Expert Sport Club can help you.

The most important step is the initial configuration of the platform. Once this is done properly, you will be able to get the most out of it, improving the administrative management of your club and the communication with athletes and their parents.

Using the form below, you can schedule an online meeting with one of our consultants, for a demonstration session on using the Expert Sport Club platform.

Who benefits from using the ESC platform?

Using the ESC platform within the sports organization you represent brings a lot of advantages for everyone involved in the life of the club.

The Club management: the process of initial configuration on the platform will bring the benefit of always being informed in real time about all sports activities, while having access to financial and sports statistics related to each team / training group;

Coaches: after setting up the training group / team for which they are responsible, they will have access to financial and sports statistics, data which is also automatically reported to the management. By accessing the platform, coaches will benefit from an extremely easy communication with parents and athletes regarding their activity;

Parents: once they install the app on their device, will be immediately informed about any program changes, but also with the evaluation submitted by coaches regarding their children’s activity. At the same time, they will be provided with an easier way to make the payments to the club;

Athletes will be informed, via the mobile app, about any changes in the training program or competitions or about the change of training location and will be able to visualize the evaluation or rating submitted by the coach.

With us you save time and gain efficiency!

Expert Sport Club facilitates the management of a sports club.

With the right setup from the beginning, things will be much simpler along the way. The time spent by coaches and managers for administrative tasks will be greatly reduced.

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